March 5, 2018

Mode Muth

Ik heb een website gevonden van een aparte man. Een  man die de kleren aantrekt die hem bevallen zonder zich veel aan te trekken van allerlei conventies op dat terrein. Een bezoek aan zijn website is de moeite waard!

Markus Muth

January 20, 2018

Trying out different looks with a few clothing items:
  • transparent catsuit
  • gothic long skirt
  • altered bike jacket
  • hat
  • net-stocking
  • painted gasmask

the outfit completed with a painted gasmask, the glasses are removed

In this picture you can see what I am wearing under the skirt, the catsuit is made in my atelier

September 24, 2017

Gender neutral or gender diversity?

Bas Heine a columnist of NRC wrote about the trend regarding 'gender neutrality' he thinks that's the wrong term about what is going on now in the Netherlands. Its more about 'gender diversity' he stated in his column in the NRC journal of Saterday, September 23, 2017. Here's my visual reaction regarding this topic.

July 31, 2017

High Heels

It was fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier said that there are only a few sexe specific clothes, namely pants with a fly for men and clothes with specific room for breasts. Other clothes who are remarked as for a specific gender, male or female is only a mind question. The ideas about what clothes are for male or female differ in time and place of the earth. Skirts are for women, or? Stockings are for women, or for Greek soldiers. Pants are man's clothes.....

April 11, 2017

Shoes and gender

Pimped boots, painted shaft, flowers and leaves are added and applying a lacing at the back. Clothes: transparent T-shirt made of non-run nylon-lycra, zouave pant made of polyamide/lycra blend.

Red heels are a reference to heels that were worn at the French court in the 18th century.
Louis XIV of France

A lot of the shoetypes that were worn by men are now for women only.

Some shoes symbolized one's social class.
This beautiful sequined slipper features a hintha bird, which was worn only by the Buddhist kings in what is now Myanmar.

This kind of shoes were worn by male and female in the 1970 ties.

Interesting blog:new male fashion

February 18, 2017

Confectie combinatie

Op het vest en het transparante shirt, waarvan alleen de mouwen te zien zijn, na is alle kleding op de foto’s confectie. Er zijn wel wat wijzigingen aangebracht aan de jas, de sluiting is gewijzigd omdat er een aantal knopen kapot gingen.

Foto’s van februari 2017

December 6, 2016

Exploring gender roles

Video & text about genderroles @ vimeo (not my opinion though)

Mime is a video short sequence built from a larger concept project exploring gender roles, gendered objects and sexualized gestures. I asked my friend Simon, to follow me for one day and whenever he observed actions, gestures or behaviour he (as a heterosexual male) has learned as being sexualized or feminine, to copy those actions. Simon applied makeup, put on “feminine” clothing, took a pilates class, drank from straws, among other small tasks. The decision on what actions were qualified to be mimicked was left up to him.
After reviewing the footage for one day, the project felt incomplete. I decided in order to fully explore the concept, Simon and I would have to be recorded over a longer time period, allowing for more range and variety in task and behaviour. Certain actions that Simon deemed as “feminine” or sexy - like drinking from a straw - were surprising. Letting Simon decide which actions he would mimic proved more valuable than directing him based on my perceptions on sexuality and gendered actions.
One specific action of putting on nylon stockings stood out from the others. The act of dressing, then undressing was performed as authentic (by me) and then made into spectacle (by Simon). In this particular action, the nylon stocking got a tear and instead of redoing the gesture, I asked Simon how would he react to a tear if a nylon stocking were a normal part of his wardrobe. He decided to rip it off, so I then mimicked him. This was the only action where the leader/follower dynamic shifted, and there was a refreshing quality to ripping off the stocking, almost like shedding old skin. Mime simplifies the day’s work down to the nylon stocking, and examining why “beauty” as female become “spectacle” as male. Visual comparisons of the male and female leg, the manner in which the stockings are put on, and the aggressive act of ripping them off are highlighted. Ideas of what is beautiful on a female but ridiculous on a male are explored.

link naar de video: gender roles