Is it a dress or a very long shirt, besides what's the difference between these two? Combining all kinds of stretch material in a one piece of clothing item. First I had a girl in mind while construction this tunic now I am showing it to you on my own body. Sleek, shiny, transparent and figure hugging. Could be combined with opaque tights, or as on the pictures, more daring,  with lace tights and mask. A lot of fashion designers has put so called women clothes in their male collections. Women are doing that in the opposite direction, do you know a women who doesn't have a pair of jeans in her closet?* But those designers failed to get the men into wearing skirts, tights and dresses. In her spring/summer collection of 2016 Vivienne Westwood put some kind of dresses on male models. I am curious if she is convincing enough for males to accept her male fashion.
* Colin McDowell

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